Our area of ​​activity is very common to second homes because it is a very vacational area. This is a tourist destination of many Europeans, especially French, English and Germans. It is normal for us the situation of selling a second home to people who are not resident in Spain. For them, we create this entry about what foreigner needs to buy a property in Spain.

The purchase process is basically the same, which we will explain in detail in a future post, but with some modification.

Obtain the Foreigners Identification Number

At the moment you have decided on a property in the area, have negotiated the price and are clear how we will pay, it is necessary to obtain the Foreigners Identification Number (NIE, acronym in Spanish). This document is given to foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, are related to Spain.

The fastest and easiest is to go to a National Police Station to request it. In our case the closest that can issue the document is the Commissioner of Torrelavega. You can also get it in the Spanish embassies, but it is usually a somewhat slower process.

To apply, you need to present these documents:

  • Original application, called EX 15, completed and signed and a photocopy (returns the original to the applicant). You can download the document in pdf format from this link.
  • Passport and photocopy
  • Address in Spain (the address of the property to be bought, if it is a house)
  • A written reason to justify the need for the NIE. (In our case, the purchase of a property. We can write this document for you)

Open a bank account in Spain

It is not mandatory to have a bank account in our country, although it is advisable. All taxes and expenses associated with the purchase of a home must be paid in Spain and the fact of having a bank account facilitates the process.


  • Value Added Tax (VAT or IVA in Spanish) for new homes
  • Tax on Patrimonial Transfers and Documented Legal Acts (ITP, Spanish acronym) in case of of second hand properties,
  • Real Estate Tax (IBI, Spanish acronym)
  • Municipal waste rate


  • Selling expenses: Notary, management and registration
  • Subsequent Supplies: Light, Water, Gas, …


As soon as we have these two requirements we can continue with the process and, once completed, enjoy your new property in Asturias or Cantabria.